Aquarius a Proud Sponsor of Variety

December 23, 2014

Once again in 2015, Ian will be firing up the Aquarius 1966 HR Holden together with other Bash cars and will be participating as Part of the 2015 Variety Bash. They will travel over 8,000 Km’s from Bass Hill NSW, along the Kimberly, and the up the WA coast to Beagle Bay, WA

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Road to Success

September 7, 2012

Once again this year, Ian fired up the Aquarius 1966 HR Holden together with five other cars & participated as part of “Team Toshiba” in the 2012 Variety Club Bash…

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Temperature control for the age of Aquarius

July 17, 2012

For the past 24 years Aquarius Air Conditioning has installed heating and cooling systems.

Aquarius works on large and small company equipment as well as household units.

With this extensive experience owners Ian and Kerry Maloney can show customers how to save time, money and hassles.

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